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Frequently Asked Questions 

FAQ (Dedicated Servers)




Where can I find some tutorials about Computer and Internet terminology?

  • Google / DMOZ - Reference > Dictionaries > Glossary > Computer Terms

  • Computer and Internet Glossary -
    A comprehensive glossary of computer and Internet terms with easy-to-understand definitions.

  • Glossary of Internet & Web Jargon -
    A simple, but comprehensive glossary aimed mainly at beginners.


What is Virtual Web Hosting?

Virtual Web Hosting basically means that your Web Site is not hosted by it's own (dedicated) Server, but instead together with other Web Sites on one Server.
Today, most Web Sites on the Web are being hosted as Virtual Web Servers.
As long as your Site does not have big traffic, dedicated hosting is not necessary as far as performance is concerned.

As a security measure, dedicated hosting might be recommandeble even for Web Sites with light traffic.


Do you limit the number of IP addresses? What would I pay if I go over that number?

We do not charge for IP's on dedicated Servers. We have an automated procedure for our customers having dedicated Servers to get more IP numbers anytime they need them.
Client's with virtual hosted Servers will be charged for IPs according to our pricelist.


Do you offer DNS Aliasing?

Yes we do. You can get a server and use it as DNS-only server, we can set up your web/mail server to run DNS, or we can run DNS for you. Whichever way you choose, please specify your preference when ordering your system.


What will be a good dedicated server that could handle lots of cgi-script usage?

Your very own new Dedicated Server. 
For intensive scripts we recommend to go with lots of RAM (128MB or 256MB). The more RAM, the merrier.


How long would it take to get me set up and ready to move my link pages?

Most orders are processed and set up within 24 hours... the sooner we get the order, the faster we can get you started. Please keep in mind that payment for services needs first to be approved, before we can initiate your server.


The hivetec web site says: "No monitoring and server reboots charges." How is a reboot accomplished, via phone request?

Our reboot policy is: If your server is "down" (httpd or telnet) we will contact you first to see if you are working on the server. After you reply, we will proceed as instructed. We can reboot your server after your authorization via phone or via an emergency ticket on our ticketing system.


Can hivetec servers/ hivetec RaQ's handle 'virtual' domains -- IP-less?

Virtual Hosting (IP-less) is handled fine by our Linux Servers. 
This feature is also available on the Cobalt RaQ3 machines


We are looking for a system that is easy to use and can be administered through the web. Can your servers be administered through the web? Do you charge extra for it? Is there a Demo I can test the hivetec Server and hivetec RaQ web interfaces?

Yes, they do. Server administration is done mostly through a web interface. We install the server interface on your machine at no extra charge. The different interfaces can be seen at the following links:
Interface for hivetec Servers:


Interface for hivetec RaQ - follow the links at:


I read that it was a UNIX machine but I was just on your web site and saw that it was LINUX. Is LINUX like UNIX? Are UNIX programs compatible with LINUX? Is there a difference?

Unix is a trademark of AT&T, and refers to the original AT&T Unix. Linux is a variant of Unix, like SCO-Unix, HP-Unix and other operating systems. Most, if not all, programs available for any Unix-like operating system are also available for Linux. All the basic shells and utilities used on Unix are also available on Linux. There is one big difference: Unix is expensive, and source code licenses usually cost even more. Linux is free, with free source code, and will always be that way thanks to its GNU license. And, many say, Linux is better, with a clean new kernel design.


What type of cgi-bin do you have, and can we create our own?

Each site that you create/assign will come with its own cgi-bin


Can we add chat services to the server?

Yes, It is your machine.


How many FTP accounts can I set up?

As many as your server can handle.


What backbones you use for connectivity?

We are currently connected to UUnet, AT&T, and BellSouth. We maintain at least twice the capacity of our peak usage and frequently add more bandwidth and additional lines to keep up with the increases in usage. While this requires constant monitoring of traffic, it reduces costs to our customers while maintaining a robust, redundant network that can handle large bursts of traffic without incurring latency.


Can each server user maintain their own POP3 accounts? FTP accounts? Email aliases? Autoresponders? Can they check their disk space usage?

Yes, you may do that through your own server interface. Check out:


Do you allow hosting adult sites on my server?

Yes, you may host one or more adult sites on your system(s). However we do not allow Spam or unsolicited email. We also forbid child pornography and any other illegal activities on our network. We will strictly enforce this policy as soon as it such activity comes to our attention.

How do I order?

Depending on the server you select, you may order by clicking on the "order here" links next to your preferred Hosting Plan or Server .




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