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Linux Server Administration & Troubleshooting

Setup Charges

time based charges

Apache Webserver & bind DNS: € 152

Linux admin: € 44 per hour
( provided a monthly minimum of 10 hours,
or server admin contract)

Mailserver (postfix/qmail): € 125

Linux admin: € 44 per hour
( for jobs w/out contract or assignment)


(minimum billing period: 15 min)

Server Administration Services are available for € 125 monthly

This is what you get from hivetec:

  • We take care of security and software updates and defend your server against intruders using advanced intruder detection technology (IPcop Firewall etc.).
  • Free eMail & Phone support from our engineers.
  • We solve any and all kind of problems that may occure on your dedicated Server for only € 44 per hour.
  • We install any other Software on your Server for just € 44 per hour.
  • 1 hour of free admin services monthly.

Linux System Admin Policies

  • System Admin Philosphy
    • We maintain your linux server, so you can concentrate on your business
    • We provide remote system administration of your servers from our offices
    • We can visit your facility for additional onsite fee
    • We fix the problem ourself with your permission - easier/faster than to explain
    • We retain the root passwd to maximize performance and minimize down time and accidents
    • We provide 24 hour per day coverage, 7 days a week, 365 days per year for any server anywhere in the world...
    • Most problems would be encountered by others and previously solved by others that encounted that problem before
    • Most problems have already been solved by the time you report it to us

  • System Admin Response Period
    • 1 Hour Turn Around - We already have encountered that problem before and have the solution in our database
    • 2 Hour Turn Around - We already have encountered that problem before
    • 4 Hour Turn Around - We need to research the problem
    • 8 Hour Turn Around - We know of no known solutions at this time - must come up with other work around..
    • Custom features and additional support requests are negotiable
  • System Admin Preparation
    • Check which linux distribution you are running
    • Check which linux kernel you are running
    • Be prepared to tell us what you changed if anything
    • Send the name of the program and version
    • Send copies of error messages
    • Let us know the root passwd
    • Be prepared to run some experiments and make changes to your system

  • Project-based System Admin
    • We will provide a preliminary proposal for the project
    • Proposals are billed at € per hour to prepare
    • We encourage competative bidding with other equivalent system administration firms

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